- Custom Mufflers; Hawthorne
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Custom Mufflers; Hawthorne, Ca. Review

I gave them all my car repair business for over ten years.  It used to be a great place to take your car for repairs but it is not a good place to take your car now.

The work was addiquit but wasn't great, Whenever they changed the oil and filter the Change Oil light remained on because they would never turn it off, but that was ok because the price was right.  You could bring a car in and if work came to $50.00  that is what you paid and you were on your way in two hours.  In other words they were honest.  That all changed when the owner showed up with a brand new Mercedes.  I should have figured that out when he tried to get me to pay $400 to clean the fluid in a perfectly good working transmission (Jiffy lube quoted me brand new fluid and filter for $125.00).  Then again when I took my car to them for rear brakes.  The brakes cost $120 but they would not let it go at that.  Instead of calling to say your car is ready they called to say that I needed the power steering fluid and the brake fluid cleaned to the tune of another $120.  I told him that I did not want to do that service right now but he would not let it go.  He said your bill will be less than $250 (as if to say what do you want eggs in your beer).  We went round and round and It got to the point that I could hear the stress and tension in his voice as if the owner had told him double this bill or else.  He was practically begging for me to let them do the job, finally I accepted because I had had a good re-pore with the managers and stupidly assumed I had the same with the owner and thought I was more than just a sucker with a wallet to them.

After that I took in a car that was leaking fluid from the engine.  He (the owner) stuck his finger in the fluid, looked at it and said something they never said to me before.  He said It will cost $100 to diagnose the problem but that if I did the work the $100 would go towards the repair and I reluctantly agreed.  He said to leave the car here and he would call me the next day.  He called the next day and said the car needed a new engine and that would cost $4000.  So if I paid $4000 to do the work he would credit me $100 towards that.  I went to pick the car up and noticed it was in the same place it was put when I dropped it off, it had not been touched.   I told them I would just sell the car  and I asked what exactly was wrong with the engine so I could put that information in the ad when I sell it..  After saying ahh he said just tell them it needs a valve job.  I asked if that would fix it and he said yes.  I said so the valves are bad, he then said the engine just needed a new head gasket.  The point here is that he wanted to charge me $100 for the diagnosis but did not want to tell me what the diagnoses was. And the reason he did not want to tell me what it was is because there was no diagnoses.  When he stuck his finger in the leaking fluid and saw that there was water in the oil he knew then that he could not repair the motor.  If he was honest he would have said so right then.  Instead of being honest he had me leave the car overnight just so he could charge me $100 for literally nothing.  Now for some reason they don't change head gaskets there. So instead of quoting me for a just a head gasket they quote me $4000 for an engine change. Very dishonest from start to finish.  


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